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Stools are a great seating option for many homes.  Whether the stools are for a breakfast island, a wet bar in your rec area or an easy seating option to pull out when friends are over, comfortable stools are a great asset.  At Foam4U, we can help you be comfortable on your stool by replacing the foam in the stool's seat cushion, reupholstering the fabric of your existing stools, and providing both of these services for individuals building their own stools.


If you have tried to find foam to replace the seat cushion on your round stool cushion, you may have been overwhelmed.  There are so many different foam choices.  Our staff have decades of experience working with foam for a variety of uses.  They will put that knowledge to work for you to find the foam that maximizes your comfort.  We will cut the foam to fit and then replace the old foam in the stool cushion with the new foam. 


Our upholstery services allow you to refresh the look of your existing stools.  Whether you bring us fabric or want to look through our wide array of fabric samples, our experts will professionally reupholster your stool seat cushions.  We can reupholster the fabric on your stool seats in conjunction with our foam replacement service or with your existing seat foam.


For those with an enterprising spirit who are building their own stools, our services are a great option to ensure that you have a comfortable and stylish stool seat.  Our experts will help you find the right foam and cut it to size for you. Our upholstery services are a great way to professionally cover your stool cushions.


Our Stool Cushion Foam and Upholstery Services Include:

  • We replace worn out foam in kitchen stools and bar stools.  Our experts will consult with you to find the perfect foam for you, remove the foam from your existing stool seat and insert the new foam.

  • We offer complete upholstery services for the seats on kitchen stools and bar stools.  Our staff can use fabric brought in by the customer or fabric that the customer selects from our fabric sample books.

  • Stool seat construction – Our foam experts can build a custom seat cushion for new stools.  We will cut the foam to size and upholster the seat cushion with fabric chosen by the customer.

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