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At Foam4U, our core belief is that everyone deserves to be comfortable.  A major contributing factor to our comfort is our furniture.  While we all try to stay active, we do spend a lot of time sitting down.  As we age, so does our furniture.  Your favourite chair may no longer be comfortable due to the foam in the cushions needing replacement.


Our experts will professionally replace the foam cushions on your favourite chair and help you be comfortable.  We stand apart from other stores due to our decades of experience working with foam and upholstery.  We carry a wide variety of foam that ranges in firmness.  No two people are alike, and neither are their comfort needs. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to select the right type of foam for your comfort needs and furniture type.  In our showroom, you can also try out different types of foam to find the perfect foam for your sofa cushions.  While you can order foam from other places, coming to Foam4U will ensure you get the right foam.


Our upholstery services give you the option to give your furniture a new look and replace fabric that has suffered from wear and tear.  If the fabric on your favourite chair no longer matches your style, reupholstering the chair with new fabric is a great way to refurbish it.  You can bring in your own fabric or choose a fabric from our wide collection of fabric samples.  This is a great way to restore an antique chair that has been a part of your family for generations. 


We have replaced the foam in a large variety of seat types, including couches, loveseats, stand alone chairs, rocking chairs, and computer chairs.  One of our favourite requests is to update older furniture that has been passed down in a family.  By replacing the foam and updating the upholstery, we help the family keep a piece of their history and save that chair from a landfill.


Our Replacement Cushions and Upholstery Services Include:

  • We replace worn out and degraded foam in your couch, chair, and loveseat cushions.  Our experts work with you to select the right type of foam for your comfort needs.  We cut the foam to fit and wrap the foam in Dacron, which fills out the cushion and provides extra comfort.

  • We offer reupholstery services for sofas, chairs, and other types of seats.  Customers can bring in their own fabric or select a fabric from our fabric books.

  • Enhanced comfort cushions are made for furniture that does not currently have a foam seat, such as rocking chairs.  Our experts work with the customer to determine which foam meets their comfort requirements, and we then custom cut the foam to fit their seat.

  • If you have an antique chair that needs some love, we can refurbish your chair by replacing the foam and reupholstering the fabric.  This service includes selecting foam that will ensure your comfort and choosing a fabric that matches your current style.

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