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Pets deserve to be comfortable!  We love animals and believe that they deserve a comfortable spot to have a snooze between belly rubs. Foam4U makes custom, high quality and durable dog and cat beds in our shop.  Our staff will work with you to find out the specific needs of your pet.  This information enables us to select the right foam for your dog bed and create a bed specifically crafted for your best friend.  We also carry a wide variety of fabrics that you can choose the dog bed cover from, or you can bring in your own fabric.  As a result, your pet will have a bed specifically designed for their needs, with a style that perfectly matches your home.


We also offer supports and aides for pets experiencing mobility issues.  Pet ramps and pet stairs help your pet get on the couch or into your bed without the stress of having to jump or be picked up.  While you can find similar products at big box stores, our cat and dog ramps are custom built to match your furniture's height.  This ensures that your steps will be the perfect height for your dog to climb into bed.  As with our pet beds, you can pick the fabric to ensure a match with your style.


Our pet products are easy to clean with washable covers and use no slip bottoms to ensure they remain in place.  The foam we use for our pet beds, pet ramps and pet stairs is the same quality we use for our other residential products.  This does mean a higher cost than big box alternatives. However, the result is a higher calibre construction that provides more comfort for your pet, lasts significantly longer and is safer than lower quality options.


Our Pet Comfort Products Include:

  • Replacing the foam in your dog and cat beds with high quality, durable and comfortable foam.

  • Creating custom dog beds that offer washable covers, no slip bottoms and that are made with high quality foam that offers durability and comfort for years to come.

  • We build heavy duty dog beds that are custom made for larger and/or more assertive dogs.

  • We construct customized pet comfort products, such as dog sofa beds.  They are built to your custom measurements, use high quality foam, and are upholstered with fabric chosen by you.

  • Pet ramps and pet stairs are custom made for the height of your furniture.  These accessibility aides help older dogs and those suffering from mobility issues climb onto couches and beds.

  • Discount pricing is available for large orders from pet daycares and boarding facilities.

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