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At Foam4U, our experts specialize in upgrading motorcycle seats.  Our staff includes riders who understand and appreciate the need for comfort when you are on your bike.  Whether you have an older bike that needs a seat upgrade or you are experiencing discomfort while riding your new bike, we are here to help.


If you are looking to get your motorcycle seat recovered, we are the right place to come.  We will professionally reupholster your motorcycle seat with the fabric that you choose.  Your seat is in good hands with our staff, who are upholstery experts that have worked on motorcycle, car, truck, and tractor seats. 


If the seat on your bike is no longer as comfortable as it once was, you need to talk to our foam experts.  Through wear and tear, the foam cushion in your seat will deteriorate.  Selecting the right foam for your motorcycle seat is not something you want to leave to chance.  Our foam experts will help find the right foam for your motorcycle seat to ensure that you are comfortable.


Regardless of how old your bike is, if you are experiencing fatigue or lower back pain on longer rides, your motorcycle seat may be the culprit.  Our foam enhancement service was created to address these comfort needs. By adding foam that is selected based on your physical needs, we will have you comfortably on the road again.


We love to build custom motorcycle seats!  If you bring us the substrate, our experts will construct a custom seat with foam specifically chosen to meet your comfort needs.  They will then professionally upholster your motorcycle seat with fabric selected by you.


We have built, upgraded and repaired motorcycle seats for customers in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, and all over Southwestern Ontario.  We only get a few months of comfortable weather to ride in, do not let an uncomfortable seat keep you off the road.


Our Motorcycle Seat Foam and Upholstery Services Include:

  • Replacing the foam in your motorcycle seat with new foam, selected by our experts to meet your comfort needs.

  • Professionally reupholstering your motorcycle seat.

  • Creating a custom motorcycle seat from your substrate.  Our experts will find the right foam for your needs and upholster your motorcycle seat.​

  • Our special foam enhancement service is ideal if you have lower back pain or find yourself fatigued during longer rides.  This affordable option upgrades the foam in your motorcycle seat and gives you an unparalleled comfort level.

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