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Are you experiencing discomfort while doing regular activities such as sitting in your favourite chair or driving?  Has a health care professional recommended that you get a medical wedge pillow to provide extra support and comfort?  At Foam4U, we make customized medical support pillows for individuals who need extra support.  These cushions enable you to be comfortable in the car, in your office chair and in your bed.  Do not let discomfort take away the joyous moments of your day.  If you or a loved one needs extra comfort and support, talk to us about our medical grade foam products. 


Do you or a member of your family use a mobility device, such as a wheelchair, walker, or scooter?  If so, we can make a cushion that is custom cut to fit your device that will significantly enhance your comfort.  Cushions for mobility devices, such as wheelchair seat cushions, are customized to meet your individual needs.


Like all of our products, we only use the highest quality foam and material in our medical wedge pillows.  Unlike mass manufactured alternatives, when you come to Foam4U, our foam experts will work with you to determine which grade of foam will offer you the most comfort.  In our showroom, you can try different foam types for yourself to see what feels best.  Your cushion will be cut and designed specifically to fit your seat.  This is a level of customization you will not get elsewhere.


We also offer custom fabric covers for all our pillows.  You can bring in your own fabric or choose from our wide array of fabric books. This allows you to ensure that your medical support cushion matches the style of your home.  We also carry fabrics that are easy to clean and sanitize.  Our team has decades of experience working with dental chairs. They utilize that knowledge to offer you covers that are durable, resilient, and easy to clean.


Our Medical Wedge Pillows Include:

  • Wedge pillows for sleeping are designed to provide elevated support, which helps you get a better night's sleep.  These wedge cushions are made for several different purposes, such as reducing snoring or providing support for individuals who suffer from acid reflux. 

  • Wedge cushions for hip and knee support are for individuals suffering discomfort in their hips or knees.  These inclined cushions provide an additional layer of comfort by elevating your legs.  They can be used on your couch, your favourite chair for reading, your office chair and in the car while driving.  By selecting your own fabric to cover this cushion, you will get the comfort and support you need with a product that does not clash with your existing furniture.  

  • We make custom cushions to provide additional support for individuals who use mobility devices such as scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers.  Our wheelchair seat cushions are customized to meet your specific comfort needs by utilizing the right foam for your comfort needs.

  • We also offer other medical support foam products, such as tailbone relief pads, back huggers, and backrests.  We create all our products in our shop, ensuring that each product is constructed to meet the individual customer's specific needs.

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