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Footstools and ottomans are more than just a place to rest your feet.  With the right fabric, a footstool can perfectly accentuate your living space.  In addition to style, footstools also offer extra seating when guests are over or for the kids during family movie night.  Footstools can also offer extra storage space, being a great spot to showcase some lovely flowers.  Our beloved four legged friends are also big fans of using a comfortable footstool for an afternoon snooze.


Two core components make for a quality footstool or ottoman: comfort and design.  There are so many different types of foam that many people have trouble selecting which foam is best for their comfort and usage.  This is where our foam experts can help.  With our experience, we will help you find the perfect foam for your ottoman. We then professionally remove the existing foam and replace it with the new foam. 


When it comes to design, if you already have the perfect fabric to mesh with your living space, we will happily use that to upholster your footstool. Alternatively, you can look through our fabric books to find the right look for your stool.  Our footstool and ottoman upholstery service is an excellent way to breathe new life into vintage furniture.  Bringing in your antique footstool to have it reupholstered enables you to keep the furniture in your home and out of a landfill while ensuring that it jives with your sense of style.


For individuals building their own DIY footstool, we are a great option to source your foam from.  We can custom cut the foam for the footstool cushion to size.  While you can buy foam elsewhere, buying foam from us ensures that you get comfortable and quality foam that will last.  You do not want your beautiful creation to be undermined by low calibre foam.


Our Footstool Foam and Upholstery Services Include:

  • Foam Replacement for you Footstool or Ottoman – Our experts will help you find the most comfortable foam, cut it to size, remove the old foam from your footstool and insert the new foam.

  • Footstool and Ottoman Upholstery – We will replace the existing fabric on your ottoman with new fabric either brought in by you or selected from our fabric books.

  • Custom Footstool Foam Cushions – For individuals constructing DIY footstools, we will help you find the right foam and then cut it to size.

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