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We all love to eat!  Many of our favourite meals are consumed at our dining room table. When we welcome our family over for the holidays, we sit down to make lasting memories at our dining room table.  Similarly, when we have friends over to show off our new cooking skills, they are likely sitting around our kitchen table.  This means that we spend a lot of time sitting at our dining room and kitchen tables.


Spending as much time sitting at the table as we do, we need to be comfortable there.  If your dining room chairs are no longer an inviting place to sit, we can help.  Our foam experts have the knowledge to help you select the right type of foam to replace your existing dining room chair seat cushions.  We carry a large variety of foam, and our team will spend the time with you to determine which foam is most comfortable for you.  Our team can then professionally upgrade your chairs by removing and replacing the existing foam with your new, long lasting, and comfortable foam. 


Another upgrade that we are happy to help with is to reupholster your dining room chairs.  As you redecorate and renovate your home, your favourite chairs may no longer jive with your new décor.  You do not need to throw these chairs out!  You may also be looking for new fabric for dining room chairs that have been damaged.  You can bring in your own fabric or look through our fabric books and pick out a whole new look.  Our team will professionally reupholster your dining chairs in time for your next family dinner.  You may even be able to trick your guests into thinking you purchased new chairs.


Our services are particularly relevant for older dining room chairs, which may have been passed down from generation to generation in your family.  Years of wear and tear may have led you to wonder how much longer the chairs will last.  With new foam and reupholstery, those chairs can stay in the family for many meals to come.  This is a great way to bring delight to our family members, showing them that their beloved furniture is still being used by their grandchildren.


Our Dining Room Furniture Upholstery Services Include:

  • Dining Room Chair Foam Replacement – Our experts will work with you to determine the best type of foam for your dining room chairs.  They will then professionally extract your existing foam and insert the new foam to give you a comfortable seat.

  • Dining Room Chair Reupholstery – Our experts will reupholster your existing chairs with fabric that you bring in or select from our fabric samples.

  • Antique Dining Room Chair Restoration – You can trust our staff to refurbish your vintage chairs.  Our foam replacement and upholstery services are an affordable way to keep these chairs in your home for years to come.

  • Custom Foam Cushions – If your existing chairs do not have padded seats, we can create cushions for them.  Our staff will cut the foam to fit and upholster it with the fabric that you select.

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