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This summer, Canadians are expected to vacation and relax in the great outdoors more than ever before.  Whether it is camping under the stars, enjoying a road trip in your RV, or savouring a summer afternoon on the water, we all like to get outside.  Recreation does not have to be without comfort.  At Foam4U, our experts have lots of experience providing foam and upholstery services for campers, RV users, boaters, ATV riders, Sea-doo riders, and Jet ski riders. 


To start your day off right, you need a good night's sleep.  While camping helps us connect with nature, that does not mean we have to forgo a comfy sleep.  A camping mattress is a high quality piece of foam cut to fit your campsite.  Our foam experts can recommend the perfect type of foam for your camping mattress – depending on your needs, the type of foam can vary.  They will cut it to your desired size, and they can also cover it with fabric chosen by you!  We also carry Z-Mats, which provide a comfortable sleeping surface in a compact size.  If your family is travelling in an RV, talk to us about RV mattresses.  You will get the same great foam advice and fabric covering options, and our staff will cut the foam to fit perfectly in your RV.  We also custom cut foam for truck bed mattresses and camper mattresses.


We also offer foam replacement and upholstery services for RV, Boat, ATV, Sea-doo, Jet-ski and Snowmobile seats.  Our staff will work with you to determine your specific comfort needs and select the right foam for your seat cushion.  We can reupholster your boat seats and other recreational vehicle seats using either fabric you select from our wide array of fabric samples or fabric you bring to us.  We work with marine fabrics for boat seat reupholstery.


Our Camping Mattress and Boat/RV Upholstery Services Include:

  • We cut foam to size to create mattresses for camping and travelling.  We can cut mattresses to fit in the back of a van, your RV, or the flatbed of your truck. Our team will help you select the right type of foam to maximize your comfort.  The mattress can be covered with durable fabric selected by you.

  • Z-Mats – Compact, quality mattresses that are ideal for camping.  A Z-Mat will give you a comfortable night's sleep while you are camping.  They are also great when you have company staying over for the holidays or when your children have friends over for a sleepover.

  • Foam replacement for seats in Boats, RVs, ATVs, Sea-doos, and Snowmobiles.  Our experts will work with you to select foam that gives you maximum comfort, and that is suited for your vehicle. 

  • We offer professional upholstery services for Boat, RV, ATV, Jet-ski, Snowmobile and Sea-Doo seats. We have lots of experience working with different fabric types. We will use that experience to help you select the right material for your vehicle.  You can also bring in your own fabric and have us reupholster your vehicle seat.  This is a great option if your existing seat has been torn or damaged or if you'd like to update your seat style.

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