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Bench seating is a beautiful part of any home.  Whether it is a window bench seat or a breakfast nook, at Foam4U, we can help you be comfortable with customized foam cushions. If the foam in your current bench cushion is sagging, we can replace it with new foam.  Our foam experts will work with you to select the most comfortable foam and cut it to size.  We can also reupholster the cushion with fabric brought in by you or fabric you choose from our fabric samples.  Reupholstering your bench cushion is an easy way to refresh the look of your living space.


We also create cushions for bench seating that does not currently have cushioned seating.  Our experts will find the foam that provides the ideal level of comfort for you.  In our showroom, you can try sitting on different types of foam to find your perfect cushion. With your measurements, we will custom cut the foam to size.  No matter how unique your bench seat is, our experts can cut foam to fit it.  Our staff will then professionally upholster the cushion with fabric selected by you.


If you are renovating your home to add a breakfast nook, a kitchen banquette, or a bay window seat, talk to us about your foam cushion.  You can buy foam elsewhere, but only at Foam4U will you get the expert advice to ensure the foam cushion you buy is ideal for your needs.  You are not cutting corners on your renovation's stylistic considerations, do not cut corners on your comfort.


Our Bench Cushion Foam and Upholstery Services Include:

  • Replacing sagging foam in kitchen banquette and breakfast nook seat cushions with new foam.  Our staff will consult with you to determine which foam will best suit your comfort needs and your budget.  They then cut the new foam to size and replace the old foam with it.

  • Reupholstering the fabric on your existing breakfast nook bench cushion with new fabric selected by you.  You can bring in your own fabric or choose one from our fabric samples.

  • We custom cut foam cushions for breakfast nooks and kitchen banquettes.  If your renovation plans include adding bench seating to your kitchen, we can custom cut foam for you.  By choosing Foam4U, you will get high-quality and durable foam selected by our experts to maximize your comfort.  Our upholstery services are a great way to cover your bench cushion with fabric that perfectly matches your sense of style.

  • We can replace the worn out foam in bay window seat cushions and upgrade it to new foam.  Our experts will help you find the most comfortable foam and cut the foam to size.

  • Our upholstery services are also available for window seat cushions.  You can choose from our fabric samples or bring in your own.  Even if you are not looking to replace the foam and just want to change the fabric, our team will professionally reupholster your cushion.

  • We build custom bench cushions for bay window seats and other types of benches.   Our staff will consult with you to determine which type of foam will best suit you and then cut the foam to fit your specific dimensions.  The cushions can be covered with a fabric of your choice.

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