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Nowhere is the lack of comfort more apparent than in the bedroom.  An uncomfortable night's sleep starts your day on a downward trajectory.  At Foam4U, we appreciate the importance of comfort for our sleep and well being. If your existing mattress is past its prime and a new mattress is not in your budget, a mattress topper is just what you need.  Foam mattress toppers are an easy and affordable way to increase your comfort.  Mattress toppers are made with high quality egg crate foam, and they discretely sit on top of your existing mattress, dramatically increasing your comfort.


Many of us like to relax by reading or watching TV in bed.  Unfortunately, our existing pillows do not give us the support we need to comfortably do this.  We offer sleep aides in the form of wedge pillows to use in bed.  Wedge pillows are made of foam and cut at an incline so that they provide comfort and support while you read or watch TV in bed.  Wedge pillows are an excellent addition to help you comfortably unwind at the end of a long day. 


If you have recently redecorated your bedroom, you may have noticed that your headboard is no longer harmonious with your design.  Perhaps you have held off on redoing your bedroom because you are concerned about how to integrate your headboard?  We can help!  At Foam4U, we can professionally reupholster your headboard.  You pick out the fabric, and we will ensure that your headboard matches the rest of your bedroom.


Our Bedroom Foam and Upholstery Services Include:

  • We sell mattress toppers to enhance the comfort of your existing mattress.  Our mattress toppers come in all different bed sizes and are made with egg crate foam.

  • We custom cut wedge pillows, which offer inclined support and comfort while reading or watching TV in bed.

  • We offer custom headboard reupholstery.  You can bring in your own fabric or select fabric from our fabric books.

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