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5 Ways to Be Comfortable at Home

We spend months waiting for it and it is finally here: Summer has arrived!  Our Foam Experts have been hard at work helping people all over Southern Ontario be comfortable.  They were able to spare a few moments to compile a list of easy and affordable ways to help you be comfortable this summer.  Ontario does not get a lot of this weather, so let’s make sure we are able to enjoy it!


Over the past couple of years, most of us have spent more time at home than ever before.  From converting the basement to a home office to eating take-out meals at our dining room table, which also doubles as our children’s classroom, we have spent a lot time in our homes.  Therefore, it is more essential than ever to ensure that you can be comfortable at home!


We often hear from customers who thought that the only way to restore their comfort was to throw out their old furniture and buy new.  They are pleasantly surprised to learn that by getting new foam in their seat cushions and reupholstering their furniture they can find comfort at an affordable price without all the waste.


Now, let’s take a look at the recommendations from our Foam Experts:

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#1 Outdoor Furniture

After spending all that time couped up inside, who isn’t feeling the urge to get some sun?  Whether you are looking for new cushions for your patio chairs, a bench swing, or a chair on your balcony, we can help.

If your existing patio cushions have worn out and no longer offer an inviting place to sit, we can remedy this by replacing the foam in your seat cushions.  We carry foam that is specially made for use in patio furniture.  This foam is designed to provide a comfortable place to sit and to be durable for repeated outdoor use.  Our staff cut foam in our shop, which enables us to create cushions in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

We also offer full upholstery services for outdoor furniture.  We can professionally reupholster your outdoor furniture to give it a brand new look.  You can select a fabric from our wide array of fabric samples, which include Sunbrella, or you can bring in your own fabric.  This is an excellent way to refresh your patio furniture without breaking the bank.

Our services are also a great way to save outdoor furniture that has been damaged by local wildlife.  Whether a squirrel or a family of racoons got to your cushions, the results can be devastating.  Rather than throwing your furniture out, we can restore your furniture with new foam cushions and fabric.

Click here to see all of our Outdoor Furniture Services.

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#2 Bay Window Bench Seats

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Not everyone enjoys being outside during the hottest months of the year.  Some of us, including a couple members of the Foam4U team, prefer the comfort of a climate controlled indoor space.  This does not mean that those individuals must sacrifice comfort and a view of the outdoors.

Bay window bench seating is an excellent way to have a view of the great outdoors while enjoying the inside temperature.  If your existing bench seating leaves you focusing more on your discomfort than the book you are reading, it is time to give us call.  Likewise, if you are doing a renovation that is adding a window bench to your home, talk to us about the seat cushion.

We carry a wide variety of foam, and our experts will work with you to select the foam that will give you the greatest level of comfort.  Our staff will cut the foam to fit your bench, no matter how uniquely shaped it is.  We also have numerous fabric samples that you can browse through to find a cover that perfectly matches your style.  This is an easy way to turn your window seat into a trendy new star in your home.

You can view all our Bench Seating Services here.

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#3 Dining Chairs

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Are those dining room chairs looking a little frumpy? Do the seats become uncomfortable before dessert is served? Keep the chairs and bring back the luster with new foam and fabric.

While we continue to eat more and more meals at home, the possibility of once again having guests over for dinner is not too far away.  Impress your guests with the new recipes you have been perfecting over the last year along with comfortable and stylish reupholstered dining room chairs.

We recover all types of dining room chairs, from your grandmother’s 1920s classic dining chair seats and backs to contemporary chairs that need a little love and care. Change the mood with upbeat fabrics or vinyl, or simply replace those beloved retro fabrics with a similar pattern or complementary solid. Add or remove tufting, pick different fabrics for each chair, or add extra padding to create a chair that fits your needs.

Take a look a look at all of our Dining Room Chair Services here.

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Dining Room Chairs
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#4 Couch Cushions

Your sofa has served you well over the years.  Afterall, you invested in a classic style with a sturdy frame. You still love its look, but unfortunately it is starting to show its age.

Foam4U can help by replacing those sagging backs and flat seats with cushion foam that meets your specific needs. We can custom cut foam for you to take home, or we are happy to stuff your cushions for you.

Does one family member struggle to stand up from a seated position? We can fill one cushion with foam that offers a firmer seat and then replace the remaining cushions with softer foam for the rest of the family, enabling everyone to be comfortable!

Perhaps you want to recover the cushions, but keep the original upholstery on the frame? We have dozens of fabric samples so you can choose coordinating patterns or solids for your cushions. You can also bring your own fabric, and we will make brand new, zippered covers for you.

To see all our Couch Cushion Services click here.

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Custom made Pillows
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#5 Camping Mattresses

How does a camping mattress help you be comfortable at home?  A great way to have a vacation (who among us is not in need of a break right now) from the safety of your own home is to set up a tent in your backyard and having a mini-camping trip!

Think of all the great family moments you will have on this home camping trip, all while staying safe and having indoor plumbing readily accessible.  Are you wondering how can you be comfortable while camping?  Many of us still have bad memories of sleeping bags or low quality portable mattresses that gave us anything but a good night’s sleep.  At Foam4U we make affordable camping mattresses using high quality foam, which offer an incredibly comfortable place to sleep.  Our camping mattresses are custom cut to fit the unique needs of your family.

Of course, our camping mattresses are also a great option if you are going on a camping trip this summer.  If you are hitting the road in an RV or van, we can also make a custom sized mattress for you.  Whether you are pitching a tent in your backyard or a provincial park, talk to us about how you can spend time with your family enjoying the great outdoors and be comfortable doing so.

All of our Camping Mattress Services can be seen here.

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